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Gone are the days, when you have to stick to a media player which looks like a plain vanilla, have to purchase music from elsewhere, have to find out other users who like similar kind of music using other sites, and have to download podcasts from other sites. Zune software is a perfect choice for all those who are sick of those basic visualizations and skin options and hate to navigate to other sites (and that by becoming a registered user!) to do a few basic tasks.

As a PC user, I have always used Windows media player to play my music. There are many players out there like iTunes, Winamp, Foobar etc, but I don’t see any viable reason to use any of them. Though, Foobar is highly customizable, I simply can’t love its creepy interface. After watching blazing graphics and easy to use features, I convinced myself to use Zune as my default music player. Zune is not just a music software, it will serve your many needs if you just explore it. If you don’t know, Zune is Microsoft’s product, and basically introduced to compete against iPod. 

I like Zune because its sexiest interface bunched with cool design and style. One can’t refrain himself to use Zune after experiencing its aesthetic interface and easy to understand features. What’s more, you can also sync your Zune player with Zune. I was surprised after knowing that many themes bundled with Windows 7 were basically developed for Zune. You can download Zune, Windows and famous Bing themes here. If you want to know more about Zune then click here. You can also visit official Zune site here, they have got cool animated graphics and much more to please you. See the pictures of Zune website. And yes, Zune’s site is one of the coolest sites I have ever seen, so don’t miss to visit it.

You can download latest Zune software here.

Zune journey:


Exploring Zune:

  • You can buy your favorite music by using Zune cards in Zune Marketplace. You can make friends on Zune social and share with them your kind of music.

Zune Music

  • Subscribing to various Podcasts that interest you is easier in Zune. Podcasts are audio or video recordings of spoken-word content, much like radio or TV programs. Podcasts are prerecorded, rather than streamed in real time.

Zune Podcasts

  • You can subscribe to a channel free if you have a Zune pass. Channels are themed and automatic refreshed Song lists. That means, you can save it as your playlist and even sync it with your Zune.

Zune channels 

  • With Zune, you can create your own Auto playlist. Auto playlist is a collection of various songs updated dynamically as per your own criterion. 

Zune 8

  • Zune gives a plethora of choices to select your favorite background.

Zune backgrounds 

  • Microsoft needs to do more to drive awareness about its Zune HD players. They already have developed apps to help you stay connected with your friends on Facebook and twitter.

Zune apps

  • Zune Screen graphics and Interface.

zune edited 

Zune 3


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06/21/2010 at 2:57 pm